Press Release
Anti-Nuke Power Artists Group

311 Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake 6th Year Memorial Exhibition
Anti-Nuke Power Art
March 2(Thur.), 2017~ April 29(Sat.), 2017
Opening Reception: March 11, 2017 (Sat.) 2:00pm~4:30pm @B-1 meeting room.
Fort Lee Public Library
320 Main Street Fort Lee, NJ 07026
(201) 592-3615

New York based Japanese etc. artists with their visual art works in different media warn that it is disapprovingly dangerous for earthquake country Japan to keep nuclear power plants.

participating artists
Keiko Koshimitsu ・Hitoshi Nakazato・Kazumi Nagakura・Mijung Kim
Fujiwara・Akemi Takeda・Kunio Iizuka・Yoshiko Ikeda ・Aiko OdaYUKAKO
TOSHIKO ・Aiko Aoyagi・Mitsuko chapa MIYAKAWA・H. Max Horbund
Kazuko Hyakuda・kuniyoshi MURATA・Kenji Kojima・Aldo Garay・Yukihisa Sato
Lecture at the Opening Reception on 3/11/2017, 2:30pm~
“Report from FUKUSHIMA after six years of the disaster” Shigeru Joe Hanaoka

On March 11, 2011 our beautiful native country Japan experienced an unprecedented large earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.  Even now, after six years from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, 100,000 people have not returned yet to their home town. After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, many people in Japan felt it is our responsibility to make the world aware of the dangers of nuclear power and to lead the world in anti-nuclear power awareness so as not to waste the inconceivable losses we suffered. 

Even after six years have passed, it’s still obvious that the situation has not changed at all we can see the government and country are depending on nuclear power. They say that it’s safe for people, but the government, politicians, and related companies are lying. The disaster should have brought us all to an awareness of the safety of nuclear power, but the reality is things are becoming worse and the situation is being hidden from the public. Those with vested interests in nuclear powers plants and the power structure surrounding them point to energy security and the country’s economy.  What is evident in the Fukushima disaster is the hoax perpetrated by nuclear related industry, academia and the government in deceiving the people about its safety.  The news media has concealed the radioactive damage and the massive release of radioactivity that is becoming increasingly serious. Then the news of them may be erased by the power of politics.

In 2013, our former national leaders who have retired from politics already have issued a statement that our primary Policy of Nuclear Power was the wrong way such as Electricity had enough even without nuclear power, Nuclear power is not safe, Cost is highest as compared with the power otherwise, there is extensive damage that could eliminate a hometown to disappear if an accident at least happens once. Many people agreed but oppose the nuclear power is still taboo. Even yet this subject is considered as taboo in Japan and the U.S. The burden including the issue of nuclear waste to the later generation is not being dealt with responsibly. It is time for all of us to recognize as social beings in order to protect the "life" of the children we love, and to leave an era of hope for them in the future.
“What would Love do..”

The whole world has been manipulated by the rhetoric of "peaceful use of nuclear energy".   Now is the time to pull out from this lie and to use art to bring awareness to the devil of nuclear power.