Press Release  


Keiko Koshimitsu & Aldo Garay, Wife & Husband Art Show:
The Cycle of Life

July & August 2017

Meet the Artists Reception:
Saturday, July 22 (Sat.), 1:00 pm
(@Lower Level Meeting Room)
Public invited to attend

Fort Lee Public Library
320 Main Street Fort Lee, NJ 07024

 Exhibited for the first time, the triptych The Cycle of Life by Keiko Koshimitsu (New York based Japanese visual artist). The three paintings illustrate a poem Now and After from the poetry collection a Forever Spoken by poet Aldo Garay, husband of Keiko Koshimitsu.
 The Cycle of life refers to distinctions of class, culture and history developing from our ancestors and passed from generation to generation unto our children and their children. The Cycle of Life is ongoing; continuously shaping human nature and influencing evolution.
 In our humanistic culture, people pursue many avenues in hoping to find meaning. Some of these pursuits include success in business, obtaining wealth, fostering good relationships, entertainment, practicing good deeds, etc. People have testified that after achieving their goals they still possessed a deep void inside, a feeling of emptiness that nothing seems to fill.
 The meaning of life as we perceive it is derived from philosophical and religious contemplation and scientific inquiries about existence, social ties, consciousness, happiness and love.


Most paintings are available for collection. Inquiries should be made directly to the artists;  :
Exhibit is located on two floors in the non-fiction, Reference and World Languages areas
and may be viewed during regular Library hours.